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18/11/2001 - 01:09

bah! the rantings and ravings of utter nonsense.

i am bored. ...watching the discovery channel...some forensic type programe.

it's just past 1am, and i'm sitting at home bored.

pondering the situation i've watched transpire before me. to explain the situation, i'd first have to name the players. there's jamie, wendy, and john. they are all 23. jamie was the first to meet john from one of her classes. she introduced john to her friend wendy. jamie has a thing for john, and wendy has a thing for john. john seems to be interested in wendy. wendy doesn't want to upset jamie by possibly hooking up with john, so nothing has yet taken place. oh, the many dramas one can run into drinking coffee at big boy's. (john is a waiter there...hence my connection to the story)

i do so enjoy my coffee, so i will probably be around to see the results of this particular drama.

furter rantings: there's this cheeky bastard who works at the local pizza place who teases me every time i'm there and he's working. it does annoy me that someone can make fun of people they don't even know. oh well. je ne sais pas.

"if i make it through today i'll know tomorrow not to leave my feelings out on display" -the lemonheads



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