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19-11-2001 - 02.02

"you know i like to die for awhile everyday in the afternoon. i like to let the arms of a bar wrap around me tight. i'm just going to sprawl in the front booth, big drink above my head, cross eyes and smiling as i watch the world go twisting by" -everclear

and it's been yet another uneventful day. during today's coffee experience, i learned more about what looks to be a drawn out saga in the exploits of the big boy's employees. today's episode stated the fact that wendy and john slept together this weekend, and jaime has yet to find out.

but as for me, sitting there with friends and a bottomless cup of coffee, i hear much of the local gossip. somehow someone somewhere must have come to the conclusion that i have answers to peoples questions. after deciding this, they must have then put an advert in the paper stating this conclusion. oh well, it does pass the 1.5 hours a day i seem to spend drinking coffee.

hmmmm..right now, i wish i was drinking cheap red wine somewhere on the outskirts of paris...i must either stop watching old movies, or start saving up money for traveling.

if i ever read this again, i'll likely realize how random my thoughts are at this time of night.

hopefully sometime soon, i'll actually have something interesting to type in here...



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