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20-11-2001 - 04:33

hmmm...i am in a much better mood today.

flashback to a movie line: "i have a case of mood poisoning. must be something i hate." -wild palms

well, it's been another boring day in this hicktown village i call home. i am currently watching "ghost in the shell". i love anime, the amazing art work...the vast amounts of time put into a single movie. i think that it would be so very interesting to watch my drawings become movies that are cult classics.

moving on...

at this point in time, i have been out on 2 dates with a guy who really likes me. (or at least claims to) i don't really like this guy, but i don't dislike him. i don't want to not date him due to the fact that i have no reason to not do so, but then again, i don't really have much of a reason to do so. maybe i should just stop dating...or at least start dating people who talk. i haven't dated someone who is really fun to be around for almost a year. almost a year!!!

maybe i'm just asking for too much...intelligent conversation and good personality. maybe i set my standards a little lower...maybe at fish or plant mentallity level, i'll do better.

"i wait for the day to come when i'll wake up and be a star. i dream of a different world...somewhere where we will go far. i bitch about my life, i bitch about the scene. i hate this fucking town, wish that it was all a dream." -the ataris



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