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21-11-2001 - 02:37

it's the holiday season now...and i'm not all that happy about that fact.

granted, i've moved home since graduating in august, but just because i was gone for 4 years, doesn't mean i should have to relinquish my room to guests for the holidays. i'm not looking foreward to my stay in the living room...

...lately i've been thinking about how much fun it would be to take off on a trip to europe. the only problem (besides funding)is that i have no one to go with. i'm not sure if i like this grown-up thing where all my friends have "real" jobs. i wonder how much things will change when i get a "real" job. i can't wait for my next interview...i hope that i get that job. overseas travel, interesting work...what more could a person ask for?

"aoi sora no shita de, kaze wa mirai ni fuku. taiyou no hizashi o, dakishimeru youni." -trigun lyrics

"under the blue sky, the wind blows to the future. the sun's rays seem to hold me close." -trigun lyrics roughly translated



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