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26-11-2001 - 06:05

it is currently just past 6 in the morning. i have given in to the fact that insomnia is much stronger than the will to sleep, and that i may never again see r.e.m. i will now proceed to replace sleep with coffee and food. much like a screen-saver, if i keep busy, sleep will not kick in.

i've had the inspiration to start being my old self again. i will no longer sit around my parents house waiting in between interviews for jobs. i will go out and once again have a life. a life that i've missed over the past month and a half.

i must also talk to my witty unsexual best friend ryan about throwing a decent dinner party. must also avoid letting anyone bring franzia to said party at all costs. who invented wine in a box anyways?!? the thought of it makes me ill!

"i am born again in the neon sign scrolling up and down, i am born again in an intersteller burst, i am back to save the universe..." -radiohead



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