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05-12-2001 - 21:17

i think that bad things are about to happen...

there's someone who i used to know that i've recently run into again. we never really talked, or hung out, but we had many common friends. in the short time we talked, i found out that we have tons of things in common. he has my number, but hasn't called yet. maybe he won't call at all. maybe that would even be best since he's moving half way across the country in less than a month...

no, i really want him to call me. i want to hang out with him and see what happens. why won't he call? ...i don't know. we love the same movies, bands, anime, hobbies...


"i know it's not the right thing, and i know it's not the good thing. kinda i want to. i'm not sure of what i should do, when every thought i'm thinking of is you." -nin



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