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09-12-2001 - 23:48


well, the guy that i wanted to call me stopped over the other day. i now have to decide if i want to go to a concert with him on friday, or if i want to go to a "friends" party. why do i have to like a guy i don't even know, who is moving in about 2 weeks!

i am so glad that this weekend is over...having someone else's x-mas party and my sister's fiance's graduation party in one weekend is a little excessive.

and, even better yet...the radiator on my car has decided to spew forth coolant now. so, i must first locate a new radiator (which will be quite difficult since i have a not so standard car) and then i must pay tons of cash to purchase it. then i must take my old radiator out, and put the new one in. just what i don't need while being unemployed.

"you inhale the toxic fumes, i look away and then resume all the things that i told myself i would never do. why do i always believe, that i'm in love with everyone i see? and, why did the next one have to be you? why do you believe that everything i say is true? why must i always do this? why do i put myself through this? love is blind and so unkind...i never can make up my mind." -the ataris



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