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13-12-2001 - 12:10

i'm sitting here listening to elliot smith...

i haven't really listened to any music lately...i'm talking about that type of listening where it's almost like meditating...

...that's why i love music. no matter how bad, good, confusing, things get, there's always some reliable music to fall back on or share things with. life really can't get any better than a few peaceful moments with good music playing.

well, now that i'm in a good mood, i guess i might as well say a few things about what's going on today. my little sister has just finished her exams and is on her way home from the university. the great one returns! maybe with her back for a few days my parents will go back to forgetting that i exist. the perfect child will fix everything...or if not, i'll still be blamed for the world and everything in it. oh well. can't really care about any of that right now. it really is amazing how calming and theraputic music is for me...

happiness and bliss...just sitting here with my parents gone to the doctors for a little while. music waking up the house...and me just singing along with a cheesy smile on my face.

"but now i feel changed around and instead of falling down, i'm standing up the morning after. situations get fucked up and turned around sooner or later and i could be another fool or an exception to the rule.." -elliot smith



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