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02-01-2002 - 03:13

so odd...having to say 2002...

well, i had a very interesting time at the new year (or new years...even though it was only one new year) party that i went to.

so, i will discuss the many interesting things that happened.

1. john, the guy who was previously involved with two females i know of...only days apart, was hitting on me the whole night. he is fairly cute, but not a good drunk.

2. my little sister flipped out about john hitting on me and threw a few fits through out the night. (needless to say, john will likely never talk to me or anyone i know of again.)

3. my sister's fiance's friend zack (i think that was his name...i am so bad with names)was drunk and hitting on me too. that was very amusing. at around 7 in the morning, when everyone was trying to get some sleep, he said something to the effect of "you are not responsive to my advances". weird.

4. all in all, i had much fun while being in akward situations all night long.

so, after the new year, people are supposed to plan out all sorts of resolutions or something...

well, i guess i have some.

1. get a career job.

2. learn japanese (spoken and written)

3. learn more/improved french.

4. learn some basic italian.

5. start drawing and painting again.

6. fix up my drum set.

7. reach escape velocity.

8. start cooking again.

9. perhaps date someone for more than 2 months.

i think that i'll revisit this entry and leave updates on how these resolutions do or do not work out.

"here's to us fools that have no meaning. i tip my glass to you. let's toast the night away to friends and forget about tomorrow..."

-new found glory



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