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03-01-2002 - 03:55


1. my father hurt his back again today.

2. i have terminated a friendship today with someone i've known for a few years now. i realized that he cares for no one but himself.

3. my little sister doesn't like people hitting on me, and actually ruined any chance of me being hit on in the near future during a new years eve fit. i can no longer consider the possibility of dating anyone in the greater brooklyn (not that i'd want to) napoleon, jackson, lansing, east lansing, or michigan tech. areas...


on the plus side...

1. i received my new application info that i needed, and will send it out tomorrow/today (being that it is after midnight).

2. my wonderful car is running very well.

3. the money that was supposed to be taken out for my student loans is postponed till march, and instead of the +$300, it is only going to be about $250.

4. i believe that i am or minus life or death.

now for some more random thoughts...

i was watching outlaw star today, and realized that the main character really reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. not in looks, but in personality and character. while this doesn't make me feel sad nor depressed, it makes me think that i do dislike being single. oh well.

bloody chat rooms frozen up again...


watching anime...makes me want to be an outlaw and travel through space...or europe...either works.

it's cold out. it's cold in. my room has two heat vents, but it's cold enough to chill wine to the point that i'd actually have to wait for some of the reds to warm up before drinking...

i am very happy today. i have been told by many people in the past few days about how they love the way i dress. kind of ironic that i have no concept of color matching or fashion. perhaps when my friend ryan starts his fashion empire he will give me the unconventional clothing branch. ironically, i am currently sitting here in black (warm-up?) pants with white stripes on the sides and a black and white (baseball styled?)dragon ball z shirt. while very comfy, not very stylish. (i really love this shirt...)

i have noticed that the more i hear british, scottish, and irish accents, the more i love them...

and, i'm getting annoyed about my hair. i'd like to dye it, but i don't think that "unnatural" colored hair would work very well for potential job/career interviews.

i don't think i'm going to sleep tonight...i have to be up by 8 and wait and see when/if my fathers doctor calls.

i believe my sister stole my new-ish pink glittery nail polish. can't find it anywhere. looked at her place, but she has everything packed up. she and her fiance are moving to a new apartment. i'll have to go on a reconasiance mission after she's setteled into her new place and look for it.

this is an ungodly long entry for me, but being that i am bored, that's ok. doubt anyone will read the whole thing.

"on an island in the sun, we'll be playing and having fun, and it makes me feel so fine i can't control my brain. we'll run away together. we'll spend some time together. we'll never feel bad anymore." -weezer



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