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08-01-2002 - 03:48

today was such a good day. i meditated today for the first time in months. good meditating...not the clear your mind and sit in quietness kind, but the relaxed sitting with loud music playing, meditating. i believe that you should not clear your mind for this...i believe you should be in tune with the things going on around you, and not try to "leave them behind".

nothing has really changed in my life except for myself. i oddly feel happy and as if my luck will kick in any minute now. it's as if i reached some odd state one step closer to nirvana while shoveling snow this morning...

i watched tekken today. i love anime. i think there's a lot one can learn from anime....even if it is based on a video game. i bought the vhs back when i was dating tim at blockbuster for a dollar. very glad i did. i rather like a plot where one of the main characters (jun)is trying to stop the other main character (kazuya)from being totally consumed by his own personal devil of hatred.

well, i am currently bored, sleepy, and hungry. i think i'll attempt to remedy at least one of these...and perhaps listen so some sinatra if i can find the cd that's been mia for over a month...

"i can't make it work your way, thanks but no thanks. by the way, i know your path has been tried and so it may seem like the way to go. me, i'd rather be found trying something new. and the bottom line in all of this seems to say there's no right and wrong way. sorry if you don't feel like living the way you do." -offspring



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