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12-01-2002 - 04:15

had an interesting night friend jay and i went out to the local gay bar/club.

we've never been there on a friday, and i've never not been there with my friend ryan. it was interesting but fun.

while there, the lesbian (where i have nothing against lesbians)made a comment to my friend jay that it was too bad i was straight, and something to the effect that me being straight was a waste of a woman. interesting...

later on in the night, there was a guy who said that jay and i looked really cute together. something about us matching and just looking good together...i found this very amusing since jay is a gay male and i am a straight female.

all and all, an interesting night.

as for tomorrow, i really hope that i am able to go to ryans. much fun is always had over at ryans. one thing i think will be odd/akward is that austin will be at the gathering tomorrow night. (hence, if i go, i will be in the same room as him) i'm not sure how to act around someone whom i dated for a little, but then learned that he didn't really talk at all and was very odd in a slightly stalker-like way.

so...until the next time...

stay tuned. same bat time, same bat channel...

"don't you see, don't you see, that the charade is over. and all the best deceptions and clever cover story awards go to you."

-dashboard confessional



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