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16-01-2002 - 23:30


i have had such a terrible day today.

all i can say about it is that i asked my mother why she has been acting so weird and pissy lately. she did not answer. i then asked "what's your problem?" i admit in a fairly nasty tone...

my mother replied "you are. you are the problem." and she said this in a calm voice all while glaring at me. i almost expected to spontaneously combust right then and there.

words can not even start to express how i am doing right now.

"hikari no uzu wo abite. hibiku rhythm ni awase unamu bass no naka de. karapo ni naru no." -pizzicato five

"plunge into the swirl of light. get into the echoing rhythm inside the growling bass. you feel like you're empty." -pizzicato five



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