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20-01-2002 - 05:49


not much to say today...


i've noticed an increase in my use of sarcasm after watching the daria if i'm not sarcastic enough already...

as of today, i have continued my work on the sketch (on canvas) that will someday become an oil version of one of the sistine chapel panels...

i haven't done any qigong lately, and i think that i ought to start back up on that soon. perhaps after i sleep and awake again.

my sister is enjoying her brand new 2002 kia that my parents are paying for...i'm enjoying my 1985 fiero with a non-working outside driver's side door lock. i am a little jealous...ok, perhaps very jealous.

parents: "here's your new car little sister of jim."

jim: "hey, how come she get's a new car when you won't even pay to get my lock fixed?"

parents: "well, you said that your car was running just fine"

jim: "yes, but just because it is running well, doesn't mean that i'm fine with having to unlock my door from the passerger side only..."

parents: "oh well. if you want, you can drive your sister's old car."

jim: "the one that ran so poorly she needed a brand new car?"

parents: "yes. that one."


"glance, don't stare. soon you're being told to recognize your heirs. no, not me -- i'm an island of such great complexity. stress surrounds in the muddy peaceful center of this town. tell me off in the hotel lobby right in front of all the bellboys and the over-friendly concierge." -pavement



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