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22-01-2002 - 04:44

before anything else...i hope that jack reads this and emails me...

my email deleted a bunch of my emails, and i no longer have his email address...

moving right along...

right now i'm watching the movie "ghosts of mars". it's actually fairly interesting.

i really hope the secret service calls me soon. i'd like to obtain employment with them...and i'd like it to be soon.

as for now, i have an interview later today with "one of the major financial institutions of the united states." i get to meet the vice president for my interview. how odd, meeting the vice pres. of a company that i've never heard of for a job that i know nothing (or at least very little) about.

i really don't have much to say right now. my mind is drifting way too much this morning...perhaps i should sleep soon.

i was outside tonight/this morning, standing in the cold. i had to take the trash out, but on the way back in, stopped and looked about. the moon was just sitting there half in and half out of sight. and i could see the stars...every time i see the stars, i vow never to take for granted the new found eyesight that i have. i remember not being able to see many more than 20 or 30 stars in the sky... so, i'm standing there in the cold, looking at the sky and watch the steam from my breath swirl up and around. that's when i realize that i'm suddenly cold and that one shouldn't go out in the cold for any amount of time wearing sandles (is that spelled correctly?)...

"i forgot my shirt at the waters edge. the moon is low tonight. nightswimmin, deserves a quiet night. i'm not sure all these people understand. it's not like years ago, the fear of getting caught, of recklessness and water..."




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