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06-02-2002 - 09:13


first of all, the power over here went out for approximately 24 hours. (house became very chilly, and the electric can opener wouldn't work, hence i ate cold soup through a straw after popping a hole into the top of the can.) then, when the power finally did come back on, it fried the lap top.

i am currently using my computer that desperately needs to be reformatted in hopes that i may be able to salvage use of it.

also on the down side, nature is appearently telling me that this is not the winter for igloos. since the nasty storm, all of the snow has become this awful partly frozen "snow" that can't be turned into block form.

on the plus side, the during the night when the power was out, i watched a rather oddly beautiful sight. from across the frozen lake, in the pitch black (not a single light in sight due to the power outtage) i watch the transformers on the power lines blow up. there really wasn't any noise at all from it, but glancing across the lake i watch these huge explosions of orange and greenish-blueish light jumping out like fireworks. one after another following from right to left down the lines they blew up before leaving everything in black again.

"desir perdu, un nom connu j'ai jamais vu...pourquoi? et si je tombe...les papillons...le monde qui vie." -in the nursery

"lost desire, a name i've known i've never seen, why? and if i fall...the butterflies...a crying world...the life." -in the nursery



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