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13-02-2002 - 03:13

my mind is melting. perhaps i ought to sleep soon.

i haven't really much to say. my computer isn't working well, and i am still unemployed. on the plus side, both my father and grandmother are doing quite well now.

i think i ought to get good and drunk. maybe then things would start making sense.

i really wish i could write brilliant entries. instead, i have random flashes of nonsense...

destroying angels harassed me in my dreams last night...i don't remember my dream, but i remember thinking that when i woke up. where has my mind gone? i hope it's just on some thinking sabatical and not on holiday for good.

my computer hasn't been working properly lately. i'v actually spent time working on it and haven't been able to figure out the problem. maybe i'm just too focused on it. perhaps if i step back i'll realize something simple that i've forgotten to try...

"is it worth the aggrivation to find yourself a job when there's nothing worth working for? it's a crazy situation, but all i need is cigarettes and alcohol." -oasis



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