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18-02-2002 - 00:29

strange strange days...

ok, i guess to start off, i'll have to start with last weekend. last weekend, while staying at ryan's, we ended up going to a surprise birthday party for someone's mother that i really haven't hung out with since high school. while there, two other people that i graduated with were there...shaun and april. at the end of the night, email/phone numbers were exchanged.

skip ahead to this saturday. i had plans to hang out with ryan, and my friend joe called saying that he was bored and wanted to do something. well, this started the festivities of the night. shaun had previously emailed me saying something about calling him...well, ends up joe, shaun, april and myself collected at ryans apartment. drinking and music ensued.

during the course of the night, april ended up passing out on the futon, ryan ended up going to sleep in his room with joe in his room on the computer, and i somehow ended up lying across the ice cold floor of ryans kitchen with shaun. and, i'm not sure if it was the massive amounts of alcohol, or shaun, but it was rather comfy at the time. i also do believe that we were the only ones who did not sleep the whole night. this was rather strange since even in high school with many common friends, i don't think i either of us actually talked to eachother... well, joe ended up passing out on the floor of ryan's bathroom, which made using the facilities rather akward. well, eventually shaun and i ended up lying in front of the sterio listening to radiohead and coldplay hiding in the warmth of my monkey sleeping bag. well, at this point, april woke up and had to use the bathroom. joe was in there. april decided that it was really weird using the bathroom with joe in there passed out on the floor. "what if he wakes up?" and such. well, this woke ryan up. eventually, joe woke up briefly and moved into the main room on the floor. shaun and myself ended up moving to the futon, and that left ryan and april awake. (i didn't sleep, but was really really sleepy at this time being about 7 or 8 in the morning.) then ryan and april came up with the wonderful plan of "let's make everyone get up and go to denny's in the cold and blinding sunlight". this came to be. at denny's, i think i remember ryan mentioning something about me looking like a strung out rock or movie star...something to that effect. well, after getting back from denny's, either ryan fell asleep and then shaun and april left, or it was the other way around. then joe and i fell asleep, and the three of us left, woke up sometime around 1pm-ish. and we then left for home.

well, this has spawned the plan to hook joe and april up. (i guess joe mentioned something to ryan about wanting to ask april out.)

and, just for the record, nothing occured between shaun and myself during the course of the night/morning. (aside from lying on the floor in various odd places.)

so, ryan and i are thinking of plans for this next weekend that would involve april and joe in the same room together. shaun is also checking out the status of april's interest in joe.

well, we will see what happens. strange strange days.

"no need for words now. we sit in silence. you look me, in the eye directly. you met me, i think it's wednesday, the evening evening. the mess we're in. see the sun set over me." -thom yorke & pj harvey

***this mess we're in



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