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21-02-2002 - 15:31

this is going to be an entry dedicated to answering a certain persons questions...

perhaps i will leave a "normal for me" entry later tonight...

well, i can't answer all of the questions, but i'd like to try to answer a few of them and my reasons for those answers.

question one: which is worse: guilt or regret?

my answer: i would say regret. i can't really say that there is much i regret, but that is because of my odd theories of life. if you have guilt about something, there's a chance that that guilt will eventually go away. with regret, first off you don't even know if what you regretted doing would cause guilt. second, regret does not go away. i also may have taken this question in a tangent not intended by the one who asked it.

question two: it is better to have loved and lost, or to have never loved at all?

my answer: i think that the answer to this question is different for everyone. as for myself, i pick the first one. not that i've had much experience in love, (that is a really vague word)but i have been in love once. even though things ended badly, i think it was worth it.

question three: is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

my answer: in a way, yes. but the beholder is likely influenced by many many factors. examples: media, friends, family, etc. is this sick and wrong? most likely.

well, i have probably put dull and confusing answers to questions that were likely ment to be retorical (think i spelled that one wrong).

"i saw the flashers coming in the rear-view. hey baby, looks like we're through. it's another 6th street opera, and it's going down tonight. check out all that curb-side beauty

40 ounces to paradise."

-howling diablos



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