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21-02-2002 - 01:45

my fingers ache from writing. i've been inspired to write down the score of many radiohead songs. when i am gainfully employed, i will get my keyboard fixed, then i will play these songs...

well, today was like anyother day. parts of it were awful, and parts of it were great.

let's start with bad:

after my job interview, i spent forever trying to find my mother's car. (she didn't want me driving my car because it was raining.)

i ended up cold, wet, and miserable.

then, after finally finding the car, i got lost in the greater ann arbor area after a whole other ordeal that i'd much rather forget about.

onto the good:

i ended up going out for coffee twice in less than 24 hours. that can always make up for being wet and cold...especially when it's free.

then, i did have much entertainment when shaun (who was driving) and i attempted to find this music shop. we proceeded to drive up and down the road it was on...ummm...way more than once. could not find it. when we finally did, i was surpried to discover that it really stood out. how does one not see a blue-grey building with large signs with the name on it? i'm not sure. perhaps my brain was still waterlogged.

other good stuff:

i was able to hang out with jay, who also decided to go to ryan's gathering this weekend.

there's also a bunch of stuff i'm leaving out. oh well.

back to my usual random self...

well, today i was slightly freaked out when a guy who worked at the place i interviewed at asked for my number. he looked 16. does this imply that i still look 16? very likely.

wendy told me today that she think's john has a thing for me, and possibly joe. i told her not likely with either, but then again, john was awful friendly on new years eve.

it's really interesting that i now have more than one female friend to talk to.

(i really don't think many people will read this entry since it is tainted with my sleep deprived insanity.)

well, wendy and i had a conversation today about april and joe...the people that many seem to want to set up. joe likes april, but is the exact opposite of confident, and tends not to make the first move...if any. i don't really know about april's confidence level, but she doesn't seem like the type to make the first advance either. plus, she said that joe was not her type. i still think that if they hang out enough, they might start something up.

my question is, why aren't more people confident about dating? i actually know of a few people who if not for friendly intervention, would not be together today because of lack of confidence/making any advances. i just don't understand how joe can like april (who is a really nice girl)and decide to call her, then change his mind and back out.

maybe it's the fear of rejection. granted, rejection is not something i look foreward to, but at least you can't have any regrets.

cripes, i can't believe i've been rambeling on about this. guess it's what you do when you have nothing much else to write about.

"i cannot take this anymore, i'm saying everything i've said before. all these words they make no sense, i find bliss in ignorance..." -linkin park



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