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23-02-2002 - 14:04

so...last night i took an online quiz that my friend ryan had sent me.

you take this quiz and then they tell you what you are along side a picture of one of the characters from the hackers movie.

they said i was a script kiddie. damn. to bad i wasn't good enough to be elite. well, if i was, then that would be sad since my knowledge of computes is not much. anyways, my friend jay ended up with script kiddie as well (i thought he'd end up more towards elite, but then i figure he said that he used a more common operating system and not unix.) my friend ryan ended up with llama. llama?!? other than the furry spitting creature, i had no idea what that means...and i don't suppose that people would call you a large furry spitting creature in reference to your computer knowledge.

well, that's enough rambling for now.

"it always seems indifference is their only common affair. he closes his eyes to breathe as fragrance covers the air. lately, i need something to change. just change me, he said..."

-fat amy



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