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23-02-2002 - 01:28

it's not very late on a friday night. i want to sleep, but insomnia once again wins out and prevents that option. i didn't really get that much sleep this morning. at the most 4 hours, though i suspect less. tomorrow i have to be up early, and then i will likely stay up late since i'll be at ryan's gathering. maybe i'll bring my coffee maker tomorrow to assist my awakeness.

right now my teeth hurt. guess people really shouldn't chew on hard plastic.

i'm vaguely watching a television program about train disasters. too bad the world is sleeping right now. i'm so very bored tonight.

earlier today, the weather was amazing. it was warm enough where i didn't need a coat. i laid in the grass in the yard today watching the clouds drift by. i think that my goal for saturday night is to watch the sun come set and rise.

well, i guess that's it for now.

"once again the bombshell is closing in. i pretend to turn my head i defense, what comes next is perfect in every sense. well, i guess you catch what you can 'cause a change is at hand and you can't really plan where your feet well land." -papa vegas



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