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24-02-2002 - 21:26

i'm not exactly sure why, but today i feel like i'm trying to breathe underwater. things are odd today. sort of out of place, but i can't tell how. i'm not having a bad day, nor a good day. not much has really happened today, except for the fact that i'm thinking too much.

i've come up with many theories about people i know of...thinking about why people do what they do, when they do it.

i asked myself earlier why i never seem to make much sense when i leave these little entry clippings of my thoughts, but then i realized that i don't tend to make much sense about much of anything, so i guess these reflect my true randomness.

so, what's new in my life...what's new...

well, there is this guy named dan who currently lives in new york. he is friends with the last guy i breifly (is that spelled correctly?) dated. i guess he's trying to track down my number through friends. odd. ryan always thinks that every other guy i meet has a more-than-friends interest in me. i think that he is usually wrong, but perhaps on this occassion he is right...odd...

i also spilled coffee on myself today. i never spill coffee while in a moving vehicle...then i realized that i had no straw. more people ought to use straws for all of their beverages. no, perhaps not...

well, i think i feel an early bout of insomnia setting in already. oh well, who needs sleep anyways...

"i'm the one, who want's you more than anything. you don't feel the same way. you made it clear to me, but i'll stand my ground and maybe you'll hear what i've been saying. after all i've said and all i've done, i'm the one..." -the descendents



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