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25-02-2002 - 04:04

this is my angry entry...

ok, well, my computer isn't working very well. it has been posessed by margaret thatcher. yes, margaret thatcher. the other day my screen went to blue and said a bunch of garble and the letters, mt. margaret thatcher. well, i believe that maggie is trying to take over the world through my computer. if this is indeed her goal, then she will be sorely dissapointed with my barely working computer with 56k connection. you would think she'd use someone's computer with a cable, dsl, or t-3 connection, but no, she picked mine.

another fun thing is that maggie decided to erase all of the mp3's off my zip disk. what fun. thanks maggie.

in other news:

my day/night has gone all to hell. first of all, i was almost killed by another car on my way back from town. story time. well, i was driving my rather small car back from town at the legal speed limit. 55 mph. normally, i would understand if someone didn't see my car (since i guess red is hard to notice), but it was dark. it was dark and i had my lights on. well, i'm driving with the windows down listening to some good music when from a side road, a car pulls out cutting across my lane of traffic to turn into the oncoming traffic lane. it was at this point that i had to literally slam on my brakes. yes, there is likely tire rubber streaked across the road now. i did avoid missing them by about 3 feet. if i would have not braked, i would have broadsided them and it would have been all their fault. stupid other drivers.

other than that, i guess people have been interested in my dating life...well, not really interested, but just inquisitive. it slightly amuses me that sarah thought i was involved with joe, and that mike thinks i should start up something with shaun. maybe i'll just catch them all off guard and become a nun. yeah...ok, perhaps not.

well, i guess i'll end this with the fact that i am so far from happy and content tonight/this morning, that it is actually funny.

"uninspired and growing tired, why am i always so attracted to drama? so here i am, grown up at 23. will someone tell me what it takes to be happy?"

-the ataris



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