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26-02-2002 - 18:43

today has been a good day. everything is now back to normal. other than the weather...

it is snowing so badly out right now that i can not see much more than 30 feet outside of the windows. from the front door, i can not even see my red car with all of the snow taking over. it almost looks like dense fog...

today was a very lazy day. i just mostly drank tea and chocolate milk and played on my computer and read a book. much fun...

one thing i just have to say is that i am in love. yes, i am in love with someone's voice. that someone had sent me a sound clip many many moons ago, and i was finally able to clean it up a bit and hear him...

lovely british accent, and some ramblings about a kettle...i really love british accents.

anyways, i am slightly worried that i'm going to have to drive tomorrow through all of the snow and likely bad roads to get to the job interview. too bad i don't just live in the greater ann arbor area. oh well, nothing much i can do there.

"you're on to something good, but i can't believe it's all that matters to you, a fool..who never seems happy when things are great...too late. before you can think that thought has entered your mind, and it will be back soon. you're on to something good, but it can't be all that matters..."

-local h



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