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14-03-2002 - 01:01

while my computer is vaguely working...

update time. so much weird random stuff has happened lately.

starting. i have a new job. i start in approx. 2 weeks. decent but not great pay, but excellent benefits. i'm a big fan of health insurance that covers emergency room visits.

well, i guess i should leave some rambling about recent events. i have officially decided that my "wiles" as my friend ryan calls them, have gotten out of control. i think that i am good looking (not hot), and that i dress well (even if it's not quite normal), and that i have a decent/good personality. these traits do not explain what has happened lately. first of all, there is a guy named shaun. he was mentioned in previous entries. signs point to him being interested in me...but then again, who knows. since i've started hanging out with shaun, i think that the wiles have gone into overdrive. ryan said that dan from the city was attempting to get my phone number so that he could call me...he lives in new york! then i went to a bar with my friend wendy. while there, one of the bartenders named ryan, was hitting on me and even bought me drinks. he paid for them out of his tip jar. weird. well, then last weekend, i hung out with joe. (it is difficult to mention either shaun's or joe's name without saying their last names with it.) well, we were hanging out at wendy's and all started with joe kissing me. so, joe is interested in me. (i'm actually sure of that one because he emailed me about it.) i do like when people are straight forward about things. leads to less confusion. and then there's another joe. my friend ryan thinks he's interested in me, but i rather think he's gay and interested in my friend ryan. (we've both known him for some time.) finally, while i was at a psych test for my future job, there was a guy there who kept asking for my number. ahhhhhhh!

a bad/good thing is that joe (the one i hung out with at wendy's) reminds me a lot of the guy i dated last year. almost to the point of freaking me out, but not quite. they say some of the same things, have the same manurisms, like the same bands, skateboard, and more. strange.

well, i'm going to attempt to fix my computer this weekend. (likely sunday) i'm going to go all out. take it apart, clean it, make sure everything is in it's right place, and then i'm going to reformat for the 5th and what i hope is the final time.

cut to the music...

"give it all away, just to have somewhere to go to. give it all away, just to have someone to come home to. this is my december. this is my time of the year. this is my december. this is all so clear..." -linkin park



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