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18-03-2002 - 03:33

i think that my last two entries had a bit of a repeat there...

oh well.

anyways, i am sitting here in the middle of the night, not tired at all and drinking some very hot tea. i also managed to burn my had on the kettle. i'm doing good tonight...

actually things are going well. or so i think. with my odd life, one can never really tell...

well, i think that the two guys i have previously mentioned now know about my online diary. i guess that puts an interesting twist to things. oh well. i just hope that anyone who reads this that is mentioned, won't get angry/upset about any of the contents. if they do...well, i just hope they don't come after me with any blunt objects. (such as spoons)

and yes...once again i am rambling. but while i am rambling, i'd like to say that i find it very interesting watching the online relationships between people in/on diaryland. i find such things amusing. it's kind of like cafe watching.

well, my computer has actually been working semi-normally for the past few hours. i'm almost afraid to walk away for fear of it fritzing out again.

i've also decided to write more frequent entries (computer permitting). it doesn't matter if people actually read what i type out here, but often times, it's good for me just to type things out...even if it is utter nonsense.

to end things for this i've gone through dissapointment, anger, bliss, general happiness, and a few others...not in that specific order. how interesting...

"say something, say something, anything. i've shown you everything, give me a sign. say something, say something, anything. your silence is me in kind." -james



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