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23-03-2002 - 01:39

ahhhhh! it's a friday night and i'm sitting at home. so, my events for the day started out with me not getting back from ann arbor till 5pm. i origionally had planned on getting back sooner, but was unable to. then i had origionally planned to hang out with ryan and jay tonight in ann arbor. well, i ended up falling asleep on the couch and not waking up till around midnight. i think i needed the sleep...i vaguely remember ryan calling me, but i'm not sure if i really talked to him, or if it was a dream. so now i've missed out on hanging out with the two of them and clubbing. grrrrr...and what's worse is that it's all my fault. things are always better when you can blame them on others...oh well. it's just past one in the morning and i'm not the least bit tired. i am actually just really bored and wish i had something to do. maybe this is like some weird karma thing. i passed up doing something fun, and the karma police have now decided that nothing else fun will present itself for the duration of my waking hours.

oh well.

anyways, i guess i'm off to watch bad television programming...

"restons immobile, rien ne nous attend...rien qui ne soit plus futile que ce doux moment."

"let's stay still, nothing awaits us...nothing more futile than this sweet moment."

-autour de lucie



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