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23-03-2002 - 05:49

grrr...i managed to bite my thumb nail down to far and it causing a bit of pain...

i'm in an odd mood right now. i'm tired, but yet not. i'm insanely bored. i've already managed to spill tea across the table and floor (just avoiding my keyboard), and...i don't know...i'm just in an odd mood.

has time stopped? yes, i think it has. i think that time has stopped just to extend my boredom even longer.

early morning ramblings...

anyways, i hope that ryan and jay had fun tonight at the club.

...lost control of my mind...or at least of semi-conscious thought processes...

well, on with the illogical...

random points:

1. i have to pick out a health care plan for my new job. i have 7 options and don't know how to make a semi-knowledgable decision on it.

2. shaun and joe. i really love hanging out with both of them, but it's probably not going to be long before one of them says that i have to make a decision and keep one as a friend, and the other as a potential other.

3. tequila makes everything better...except scotch. i think that that ought to be my new catch phrase...courtesy of futile.

4. the shaun and joe thing reminds me of something. shaun reminds me of a guy i dated named kyle. joe reminds me of a guy i date named tim. i wonder if things will work out the same way...

5. i've found something surprising today. i'm surprised that my friends don't get sick of me. my mother thinks they should, and i don't know if i should believe her or not. grrr...parents...

well, i've now transcended from an odd mood to a decidedly bad one. (my mother has awoken and is pestering me)

so, i'll end things now before they get worse.

"the tree-lined avenue begins to fade from view. drowning past regrets in tea and cigarettes...but i can't seem to forget, when you came along..."




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