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25-03-2002 - 04:58

ok, early morning entry time...

well, over-view of my weekend...

friday i ended up sleeping in a coma like state where i don't even remember conversations i had with people. fun.


on saturday i ended up hanging out with ryan. our plans were to see a movie in ann arbor, go to diner at fazolies (likely spelled wrong) and then see some bands play. well, on the way to ann arbor i got rear-ended. yeah...stupid other drivers. there was a light. it changed to red. i stopped. the car behind me decided not to so much stop, but rather hit my car. not so hard as to cause damage (except for a little scratch) but to mostly make me late for the movie and anger me a bit. (and my neck was a little off for the rest of the night.) so, i ended up making it to the movie late, but thankfully ryan understood and we both enjoyed the movie. from there, the night got better and we ate at fazolies. tasty food was consumed along with breadsticks. then we went to see the bands. the main band was good, but just not the type of music i wanted to hear at the time. the "filler" "band" was not so good. the guy was someone i knew from high school and pretty much all he did was play random music and add some bass lines to it. and the whole thing cost five dollars...oh well. it was interesting. from there ryan and i ended up hanging out at shauns and watching a bunch of random music videos/television show clips.

(added info about the car incident...i've opted not to tell my parents about it since they don't like me driving much anyways and their knowing wouldn't do much anyways.)

so...onto other things. well, giving in to random gossip. today i heard that this girl i know named jamie who has been seeing this guy named john (who has been mentioned in previous entries) is in for a big let-down this week. jamie is really into john, and well, john told a friend of mine that while he likes jamie, he's not into the "baggage" that comes along with her. so, he does not want to be her boyfriend. so, i guess he's going to have a talk with her this week about everything. maybe he'll change his mind about it all...i kind of hope he does since jamie doesn't deserve to be led on and then have the guy tell her he's not into her after months of hanging out. oh well, nothing i can do but stand back and watch the action.

what else do i have to ramble on about...?

oh, today i've found out that my friend gordon is starting his new job the same day i start. what fun. and, he's moving closer, so i'll be able to hang out with him again. that means more drinking games to anime! the only bad thing is that i've forgotten his girlfriends name. i think it's kim, but i'm not sure. i don't want to tell him that i've forgotten her name, because then he might tell her, and i'd feel bad. he never really talks about her, and well, he never mentions her name the few times that he does. oh well. maybe i need to buy some more memory.

bah. and finally, i've decided that i want to get good and drunk this friday night. i figure that that's the best way to spend the year anniversary of someone's death. yes, almost exactly a year ago my cousin steven was shot and killed. i think that maybe thinking about that lately has put me in an odd mood. maybe that's why i've been so tired lately. oh well...

"if i could catch my breath, just to exhale, i'd know that i held it in for too long...from above comes a faint smile. a new vantage, such a view. familiarity now disowned, just sit there and stare as i walk away." -afi



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