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27-03-2002 - 02:34


well, shaun called this morning at about 1am. i guess he no longer has internet access.

so, i guess i'm hanging out with shaun tomorrow night...unless is snows too much or i lapse into a coma.

well, joe says that he's no longer going to frequent the diaryland site...i think that he's becoming slightly sick of me. anyways, i hope that we can still hang out since he is amazingly fun to be with.

so, i've been checking out apartments online in the area that i'll be working in. i'm attempting to decide if i should move out first, or get a new computer. grrr....decisions, decisions...

well, my brain's empty, so i'll stop writing.

"you've gotta be kidding me, i'm through with you girl anyway. i'll wait for you, i always's dumb, but i want to anyway. so here we are, stuck in hell...same old game we know it well...i don't mind. anyway. spark it up and numb me on and off again, oh what the hell, i don't mind...anyway..." -dynamite hack

(thanks raq for helping me track the song down.)



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