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07-04-2002 - 21:46

so...i've not updated for some time....

well, actually i've tried twice, but my evil computer has crashed just as i was saving both and the whole thing resulted in me getting frustrated and not re-writing the entries...

well, update:

1. i have currently been working at my new job for one week. i get my first pay check on the 19th...and i can't wait to once again have that thing called money. another good thing is that i once again have health insurance. this makes me happy.

2. i am just generally happy. not really sure why, but i am. perhaps it's the fact that i've had quite a bit of coffee today after a two day lack there of.

3. ummm....i'm not sure what else to leave in here. maybe i'll leave another entry later.

"and it's hard to get things straight...distracted all the time... and you're always on a fence, but which way you swing....which way you swing...your on a fence. i love you when you're sleeping, 'cause you're gone when i'm awake..." -pure



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