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15-04-2002 - 21:59

so...i am currently watching the movie "the princess bride." it's a good movie, and i haven't watched it for some time now.

anyways. i start working days for the next month in only a few hours. grrr...i'm not a fan of waking up at 3:30 in the morning to get to work and park (the parking part takes up the most time) and be there at 6am. once again...grrrr....

but, i've had an odd weekend. i'll not get into it, but needless to say, it was interesting and i definitely have to remember to eat food (ie. keep my blood sugar at a reasonable level) before drinking.

so...tomorrow when i get home from work, i'm going to make a phone call about a 69 camero. i still love my car, but checking into others could be fun.

i also previously had guy problems. well, here's my update.

joe: joe's fun to hang out with even though i've not had much time to do so lately, but it does bother me that he tells so much to jamie.

shaun: some of shaun's extracurricular activities trouble me a bit. and the fact that he seems to not want to let others...or at least me, get to know him too well.

so...moving on.

i actually have to end this entry pretty fast since i keep getting kicked offline.

insert music now:

"i wanna sink to the bottom with you. i wanna sink to the bottom with you. the ocean is big and blue, i just wanna sink to the bottom with you. out on the highway, up in the air, everyone else is going somewhere. they're going nowhere, and i'll be there too, i might as well go under with you."

-fountains of wayne



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