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16-04-2002 - 23:33

"it's fate, you know. nobody can stop fate, nobody can..."

-natural born killers

i got out of work today at 2:30pm and then saw shaun for about 3 min. today on my way home. then i slept forever (since i didn't sleep last night.) so, i finally got about 4 hours of sleep. one fun thing (enter large amounts of sarcasm) is that i have 6 more days straight of work, then two days off, and then 8 days straight of work. ahhhhh! why do they have to keep changing my schedule?!? it's bad enough that i have to work at 6 in the morning (sometimes 6:30) for 5 weeks, but they make my schedule as annoying as possible. grrrrr......

so, i'll not have a life for a while here.

anyways, i'll get my first paycheck of this new job in only 3 days. it will be mailed out on friday and i'll likely get it on monday. woo hoo! i'll be able to pay off the bazillion things i need to pay off. then i'll be broke again.

right now i wish i had my own parents complain about my sleeping habits and all sorts of fun things. i've not been late to work, so i don't really think that my sleeping habits should bother them. oh well.

anyways, i've had this song stuck in my head off and on since the weekend.

"see the pyramids along the nile. watch the sun rise on a tropic isle. just remember darling, all the belong to me. see the market place in old algiers. send me photographs and souveniers. just remember till your dream belong to me. i'll be so alone without you. maybe you'll be lonesome too, maybe you'll be lonesome too, and blue. fly the ocean in a silver plane. see the jungle when it's wet with rains. just remember till you're home again...or until i come home to belong to me. i hope you'll be coming for me soon..."

-bob dylan



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