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18-04-2002 - 02:34

i'm not sure if i can keep doing this. i really don't think i can put up with work, lack of sleep, and living with my parents. i get home and they ask me a million questions. they ask me to do a bunch of things when all i want to do is go to sleep. grrrrr...

then my parents get mad about my sleeping schedule, but my work schedule isn't normal either.


anyways, in other news...wendy's divorce was finalized yesterday. i kinda of wanted to take her out and celebrate her new legal freedom, but alas, i must work in only a couple of hours.

well, my mind isn't working all that well right now.

last night i was supposed to hang out with joe, but well...i slept through my alarm. and i also think i might have talked to shaun last night. i remember talking on the phone when i was half asleep. it may or may not have been shaun. oh well. perhaps my mind is broken.

i did have a rather odd dream last night. i dreamt that i was directing a movie and in this movie there was a gay male couple in their mid-20's. one guy was hiv + and needed a heart transplant. the guy was on the transplant list and was in the hospital for something and ran into the guy who was in the room next to him. the guy in the room next to him had just started college and was also on the transplant list. he was currently in the hospital because of heart realted problems. well, the college kid's parents were both homophobic and even made rather loud comments about the guy in the room next door. well, it happened that the hiv+ guy found out that he and the college kid were both waiting for the same type of heart. to sum things up, a heart becomes available and the hiv+ guy is first on the list. when the medical staff lets him know, he turns it down so that the college kid can have it. in the end, the college kid gets the heart and the other guy dies from complications of hiv and the homophobic parents learn about the events... sounds like some weird afterschool movie, doesn't it?

signing out.

"i woke up first this morning, i've never seen the dawn, but i know what the world looked like before. how would i know what you said? you're always first to go to bed. you're intent on sleeping it off..." -idlewild



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