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23-04-2002 - 01:46

well...i currently have a new infatuation. matthew lillard. mmmmm...the only thing that could make me like him more would be if he had a british accent. mmmmm.....


i just finished up a 7 day work week and i'm ready for my 2 days off. then i start up an 8 day work week.

well, i just watched the movie 13 ghosts. it wasn't bad. and matthew lillard was in it. mmmmm...... other news. wendy's divorce is final. i may or may not have mentioned that in a prior entry.

randomness. i think i need to defrag my brain.

right now i'm eatting partially frozen pumpkin pie and drinking yummy tea.

i think i've been in this state for too long. not just this state as in location, but state of mind. i really want to do something. go somewhere. dye my hair. discover a new local hangout. something. grrrr...

i need to buy a wine rack. my current collection is laying in rows on the floor between two cabinets.

i also need to buy a sony viao laptop. and a digital camera.

i also need to go to a doctor sometime soon. i've not been to one for i believe 2 years. (for anything other than my broken foot and just general checkups) i'm not even sure what blood type i am. and, i'm not feeling ill or anything, but just the fact that i now have excellent health insurance, i just kind of feel like i ought to use it.

i also am going to check into possibly getting into a forensics masters program sometime in the near future. i'm also going to start up tai chi classes. yeah....

i've also noticed that i've started way too many sentences in this entry with "i also..."

"maybe i just want to fly. i want to live, i don't want to die. maybe i just want to breathe, maybe i just don't believe. maybe you're the same as me, we see things they'll never see. you and i are gonna live forever..." -oasis



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