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25-04-2002 - 02:23

so...i should be sleeping right now, but i can't. the evil hold of insomnia has invaded my brain. now i'll be insanely tired at work later...

well. my topic of conversation for this entry is getting to know people. there is someone i know of who has had a lot of bad things happen in their life. because of this, they won't open up to anyone. this bothers me. not that they won't open up to me (that does bother me) but that i wish i could do something to make them happy all of the time. no one's happy all of the time, but i'd just like to have an influence on that. well, i hope that our friendship will work out.

moving on...

well, the diaryland chat's frozen up again. i was about to say "the bloody awful diaryland chat's frozen up again"...but i'm trying to kick that habit.

back to the moving on part...

i think i need a change. wait...i know i need a change. i'm not sure what though. maybe i just need a new life. maybe i just need a life.

grrr...i wish chat would start working again.

now chat's back and running...but no one's really talking. oh well. mind's still broken.

"i will never bow to the ages...i will never let down my guard. ask for nothing, and you get what you pay for...i've got pride instead. hey hey, i don't mind, i don't need much at all. hey hey, i don't mind, i don't need much at all..." -for squirrels



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