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26-04-2002 - 02:06

bah...i've had an odd day today. i had just arrived at work this morning to start off my 8 day work week and two things happened.

1. my fto didn't show up, so there was a semi-frantic scurry to figure out who was going to "train" me.

2. i was surprised with an hour long meeting after work. grrrr....didn't get out till 3:30pm.

well. something interesting is that i was talking with some people today about what i thought the perfect guy would be like. figure i might as well list things and in the future when i am dating someone, i can compare. it goes. the perfect guy would have to like cartoons/anime. he would have to listen to at least 25% of the same music as me. he would have to be at least as tall as me, preferably a bit taller. i like musicians and guys with accents, but that would be a bonus. the perfect guy would have to have to not mind me running my fingers through his hair. i'd also prefer someone with pretty eyes. he'd have to like watching old movies, sci-fi, kung fu, action, and cheesy horror movies. he'd have to like to travel and watch things like the history channel.

well, that's about it.

anyways....i can't wait till the spiderman movie comes out. i will see it opening weekend even if i have to go by myself.

more randomness: i've been thinking of dyeing my hair. i was thinking purple, but i've got to have "normal" colors for work. so, i'm debating between red or blond. i've never used permenant dye before, so i think i'm leaning towards the red.

also...i really want to travel. i want to get out of here. maybe even just moving to ann arbor would fix things...who knows. maybe in a few more paychecks i'll be able to move out of here. i really am building up escape velocity. i really am. i will get out of here once again...and then nothing will be able to suck me into the volpix again. the event horizion is just up ahead....

well, i think it's about time to end this entry.

"...and foolish lies, well can't you see i tried to compromise...but what you say ain't always true...and i can see the tears in your eyes...and what you said now...can't stop the words from running through my head...and what i'd do to get through to you...but you'd only do it again..."

-unwritten law



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