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30-04-2002 - 23:59

so...odd things have been happening.

i'm on my 6th day of an 8 day work week. the cable's out and i'm watching a rather good movie, "don't say a word". and last night my sister got arrested on her 21st birthday.

so...last night my sister got drunk and got in a fight with her fiance. he took off for a walk and she drove her car up the sidewalk and almost hit the apartment building she lives in. (this is all from what my parents could figure out since she doesn't remember any of it.) so...the arresting officer was one of the officers i worked with during my internship. anyways, her fiance didn't even think to call our family to get her out of jail. and, i guess they're not getting married anymore. she's moving out and back here. i guess more is going on than i know about, but i'm not sure what. but my sister now has a lawyer and will likely have to go to court twice. and, she will not be able to drive her brand new car for some time since her liscense is going to be suspended for at least 6 months...and maybe over a year.

and...i wonder a bit if i am evil. friday and saturday are my first days off in 8 days and the first weekend i'll have had off since i started working and i'm thinking about how it will be wasted helping my sister move out and back here. does this make me evil? possibly. i also now think that i really really have to move out of here soon. my sister came back for the day/night and already unplugged my alarm clock to plug in her cell phone. grrrrr.....

anyways, if anyone reads this who knows her...don't mention anything...she's depressed enough as it is right now.

well, that's all for now.


-doves (to be filled in later)



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