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06-05-2002 - 00:31 i get out of work and look towards my car and it appears i have a parking ticket on my car. upon closer investigation, i discover that there's a note and a rose on my cars windshield. to cheer me up, shaun had left both on my car.

anyways...the situation with my sister. there is a very good chance that she was sexually assulted (that a rape took place) on the night of her arrest. she may have also been drugged since she remembers nothing of the night. after all of this, i spent the weekend moving her out with a friend of mine, one of her friends, and my mother. well, after all of that, her and her evil fiance have decided to get back together. i get to move her back in this weekend. well, anyways...the bastard controls her. he keeps her in the dark about their finances (is that spelled correctly?). he treats her poorly and is just lucky that i've not kicked him in a way to make him ill and prevent him from ever spawning...

well, as of yet i've not seen the spiderman movie. i really really want to, but haven't done so yet.

well, i guess i'm just generally unhappy right now. that and i have a sinus infection. lots of fun there.

i'm done now.

"i'll take what you're willing to give and i'll teach myself to live with a walk-on part of a background shot from a movie i'm not in..." -blink 182



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