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11-05-2002 - 11:57

can things get any worse in my life? well...yes...and it's likely to happen soon.

first of all, my sister is still with her evil fiance.

then my parents today discovered that someone is using their credit card numbers to charge thousands of dollars. someone got their number off of cards they haven't used in 3 years, but have kept locked up in case of emergencies. the credit card people think that perhaps someone has stolen my mothers identity and is now using her info. the charges were for some internet dating service that's in russian.

finally, i have no social life. i finally have some money to be able to do things, but never the time nor the people (my off time never seems to coincide with my friends) to do things with. grrrrr...

i am very unhappy now. i am tired and unhappy now. i am single, tired, and unhappy now.

what else is going to go wrong? have i really pissed off the karma gods that much?

grrrr...i really don't want to leave for work at 4:30 in the morning. i know i won't be able to get much if any sleep tonight. grrrr...

...and that's the end of things for now. what a wonderful day. what a wonderful couple of days. what a wonderful month. grrr...

"i crack a window and feel the cool air clense my every pore, as i pour my poor heart out to a radio song that's patient and willing to volume drowns it out..." -eve 6



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