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13-05-2002 - 00:56

i've decided exactly what i need in my dream living environment.

in my dream place, i'd have to have a library...filled from floor to ceiling with books. i'd have to have a wine cellar too. i'd also need a claw-foot bath tub. i'd need to have a sterio set-up that spanned my whole living space...and a decent kitchen.

if i lived in a house, i'd have to live somewhere where i could have a small vinyard. i think i'd also need a garden.

hmmmm....someday i need to be rich.

"so, thanks for the cheer. i hope you don't mind my bending your ear. this torch that i've found, has gotta be drowned or it soon might explode. so make it one for my baby, and one more for the road..." -sinatra



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