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20-05-2002 - 17:28

so, a whole lot of nothing has been going on lately.

1. things are back to "normal" with shaun who i am still only vaguely seeing...and who knows how things would work out if i actually had time to hang out with him.

2. the police seem to have fumbled my sister's police report on her arrest and rape. who knows when/if we'll see the actual report and know what's in it.

3. more charges have been put on my mothers credit cards and she's not really sure how to take care of everything since they keep sending her forms to fill out.

other than that, i have had some interesting things going on.

at work last night, we had to assist with two different offloads from the helicopters. the first one was while the propellers were still's really interesting to be out there with the blades spinning and the wind everywhere, people shouting, things beeping, and someone there half alive and half dead. the other offload was quite different and took place after the helicopter was shut less wind and emergency type rush.

also, i've been working on my wine rack again. still sanding it and staining it...can't really feel my fingertips right now. think my prints are being slowly worn down.

and...looking out the window right now, i'm noticing a bunch of really large black birds all in the trees and yard. it's a bit like the hitchcock movie. so, if i never leave another entry, it's because the birds have taken over and killed me and everyone i know.

well, i've got the day off, but having no life, i'll likely end up in chat or something later.

"it's just you and me baby, no one else we can trust, we'll say nothing to no one, no how or we'll bust, never crack a smile or flinch or cry for nobody, uh huh..." -refreshments



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