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22-05-2002 - 17:20

ok. let's see....

last night was langle's birthday. a bunch of people gathered to celebrate it at the ann arbor brewing company. fun was had. after that, shaun, april, and one of shaun's roommates and myself, went back to their place and had some cheap red wine.

well, shaun ended up being ill and puking all the rest of the night, morning, and day. poor boy ended up going to work feeling/looking quite ill.

i've also noticed that last night was the first night in a long time that i actually went out and did something fun. another thing that i've noticed is that it is really difficult to have any type of relationship with someone when pretty much all you do is communicate by notes left on car windshields while the other person is at work. hmmm...what the future holds...

well, i talked to ryan today. hopefully i'll be able to hang out with him once again just as soon as i'm out of my freakish and evil training schedule.

and...i still need to see spiderman! spiderman, a beautiful mind, resident evil...

well, i guess i'll take a quick nap now and then get ready for work. grrr....10pm to 6am. yuck. 3 days of this, and then i switch to afternoons. then to days, then afternoons again, and then i'm done with my training. wooo! then i'll have a semi-normal schedule, and know my days off ahead of time.

this is the end of your regularly scheduled program. broadcasts will be continued in the near future.

"in our short years, we come long way to treat it bad and throw away and if we make a little space, a science fiction showcase. in our short film, a love disgrace, dream a scene to brighten face. in our short years, we come long way to treat it bad, just to throw it away. you won't cry, and i won't scream..." -alien ant farm



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