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25-05-2002 - 17:26

so...i actually have an unexpected half day off and there's nothing to do. everyone seems to be busy. oh well, i'm getting used to sitting around on my time off doing nothing.

other than that, i've finally gotten my bullet proof vest. it's 4 parts with a slide in special plate. it's interesting, but i'm not sure how i'm going to like wearing it everyday at work.

i am apartment hunting right now. not in a hurry, but just browsing. i really think i need a roommate. for only about $100 more, i could get a really decent 2 bedroom place instead of a much smaller flat.

also, after work today, i stopped by shauns. the light was on at his place and his car was in the drive, but no one answered. oh well. is that a lost cause? i'm starting to think so.

well, i'm off to scavange for food and sit around some more.

"limb by limb and tooth by tooth tearing up inside of me every day, every hour, i wish that i was bullet proof." -radiohead



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