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26-05-2002 - 03:59

i'm watching la femme nikita the series right now. i love that show.

well, i've not heard back from shaun...i kind of wonder if i ever will. i'm sick of dating, but i'm also sick of being single. sounds weird, doesn't it?

well, it's late at night/early in the morning and i can't sleep right now. i have to work tomorrow/today at 2pm, and all i really want to do is a whole lot of nothing.


i need a new place to live.

i need a roommate.

i need sanity.

i need a life.

i think i need a change.

i think i need to dye my hair for starters. still debating between blond or red. oh well. i don't think i'll ever dye my hair blond, because it's permanent, and well, i don't think i'd look good with blond hair. grrrr...i need a change...

"but now just as things change, as well my feelings do, in time things rearrange, i am so sick of chasing you..." -blink 182



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