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29-05-2002 - 02:01

well, i tried to add an entry last night, but my connection just would not allow it.

so, to start off with, the other night i went outside and was looking at the had a rainbow around it. it was really beautiful, but really odd. i took a photo of it, but i doubt it will come out. and if it does come out, i doubt it will represent the effect properly.

i also have now worn my bullet proof vest for 3 days. it's not as uncomfortable as i thought it would be, but it is about a million times warmer than i thought it would be. but, it is kind of fun to have and tell people about.

...and, i've recently finished my 5th day of an 8 day work week. grrr....but then i have 4 days of. ...and then start my 10 day work week. grrrr....grrrr....

well, i really need to start making plans for my 4 days off. i ought to call everyone i've not had time to hang out with lately. (which is everyone.)

oh, and, something fun. "if you are in a battle, as long as you remain ignorant of the status and combat capability of your enemy, you will be totally unprepared and paralyzed by fear. however, if you know the fighting capability of your opponets, what sort of weapons they have and so on, then you're in a much better position when you engage in war. in the same way, if you confront your problems rather than avoid them, you will be in a better position to deal with them." and this is from his holiness the dalai lama. i like when people relate life to war or military strategy. yeah...i'm odd. anyway, i'm currently reading "the art of happiness" by the dalai lama. a lot of it seems based on buddhist meditations. it's interesting.

i am currently watching the discovery channel...forensic files...yeah....

...more ranting and raving...

"yeah, i'm tangled up in blue, only wanna be with you..."

-hootie and the blowfish



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