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01-06-2002 - 04:21

i don't even know what to say...

well, on day 1 of my 4 days off before my 10 day work week, i ended up hanging out with wendy. i haven't seen her in a really long time, and it was great to finally get to do something with someone.

well, it started out that wendy and i dropped her son off with her mother. then we went to the mall, i bought a shirt and some see-through undies, and then we made fun of the people there. then we went to the record shop, she bought a cd, and we stopped in urban outfitters. after that, we stopped in ashley's bar. ended up drinking a pint and eatting some really good food and talking with cory. cory told us that he had gotten engaged on his birthday...which was only a few days ago. then we went to jackson, changed, and left for adrian.

arriving at adrian, we stopped in the bar that we have been at before and had fun at. well, it was $10 to get in. we paid, entered and then discovered that it was guy's stripping night. i was able to pursuade the bouncer to refund our money and then we left. we then found another bar/club not to far away. it sucked. the hot dj played a bunch of music that i'd asked about because i think he took pity on us and the other 4 people in the place. while there some scary guy who had a kid my age was hitting on us. he told us about another bar 2 blocks away that would have more people, but it was "dangerous there". then he kept saying "if we go there, you girls are going to be there with me". and we kept saying, no. he did not get the point. then when he went to the bathroom, we took off running for the other bar, which was great. there was a band playing, and tons of people, and it was not dangerous at all. well, he ended up following us there. anyways, after much drinking (still not sober now) i ended up getting up on stage and playing the drums for a song after the drummer for the band kept telling me i should play something. i thought i screwed up pretty bad being not sober and all, but a lot of other people said that i did a good or great job, so i hope it wasn't that bad. oh well, it was fun anyways. also while there, wendy and i ran into some guys from onstead who knew some of the guys we'd dated in high school (ie. aron and noelthan) well, these guys were otis and i think john. they were very interesting, and had invited us back to otis's place in onstead for more drinking fun, but i think wendy and i lost them somewhere on our way back to her car.

then upon my return home, i did end up calling shaun. i haven't heard from him in almost 2 weeks. no notes on my car while i'm at late late night phone calls...but he is ok, but just being anti-social right now. oh well. i guess he might come with me and wendy on sunday to see the spiderman movie. yes, i still have not seen that movie. i was going to see it tonight, but we ended up spending way too long in ashley's pub. grrrr....anyways, i really will see it this weekend. also, it was odd, but on the phone, shaun said that i was one of the coolest girls he knows. i think it's odd that little statements like that make me happy. it's almost like back in early high school, a.j. told me that i was the coolest girl he knew because i knew who i was and wouldn't let others change me. things like that stick with me, and cancel out a lot of the stuff i hear from my family.

well, moving on, i have technically moved on to day 2 of my 4 days off. i am happy. i am unsober. i am about to take a shower (since i smell of smoke). this is the happiest i've been i think in some time. i hope things will keep going in this direction now that i've picked up momentum on the side of good luck for once.

ah. i am so happy right now, i don't think i could sleep if i tried. i think i'll just hop into chat for a little bit and then take a shower and read some....and bask in my happiness...

"day after day, i will walk, and i will pray...but the day after today, i will stop and i will start...why can't i get just one kiss. why can't i get just one kiss. believe me there'd be somethings that i wouldn't miss, but i look at your pants, and i need a kiss. why can't i get just one screw. why can't i get, just one screw. believe me i'd know what to do, but something won't let me make love to you. why can't i get just one fuck. why can't i get just one fuck. i guess it's got something to do with luck, but i've waited my whole life for just after day i get angry and i will say...that the day is in my sight when i'll take a bow, and say "goodnight"..."

-violent femmes



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