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05-06-2002 - 02:31

i think i reached a level of enlightenment tonight on my drive home from work. i was driving down 94 with my windows down and really good music on the radio...and i am happy. i love the feeling of knowing, as an absolute, that everything will work out well.

the negative things my parents say can't even tarnish my odd sense of well-being.

anyways, i finished day one of a ten day work week tonight...and work is going well. also, knowing that on my next check i will have holiday pay and tons of overtime pay does help out with the long work week.

well, to finish what happened this past few days off. i left off with day 1 of my 4 days off...

day 2: i ended up going to ryan's place and bringing pink champagne and some wine. much fun was had...dancing around singing to old songs...watching the fifth element...after a while, cory, heidi and shaun joined us and we ended up just hanging out and drinking something else rather yummy. well, i stayed the night, and the next day, ryan, shaun, and myself went and frolicked at the mall. ryan got his hair cut...i bought a picture frame...we ate at a coney place. mmmm... also, they attempted to help me buy expensive undies at victoria's secret. i still have a $35 gift certificate for there, but it's really difficult to find 1. non-thong underwear or 2. things that do not already have underwear attached to them. grrr....oh well.

moving on...

then i ended up driving shaun home and hanging out at his place watching vanilla sky with him and his roommates. everyone had told me that vanilla sky wasn't that great of a movie...i really liked it. hmmm...perhaps i should buy the dvd...

well, on day 4 of my days off, i ended up hanging out with jay and doug (before doug leaves for arizona)and watching the fun british accent filled movie "about a boy". another lovely movie based on a nick hornby book.

so, all in all, much fun was had on my days off. woooo!

so...that's all for now.

"darling you've got to let me know, should i stay or should i go? if you say that you are mine, i'll be here till the end of time. so you got to let me know...should i stay or should i go?" -the clash



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