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06-06-2002 - 01:43

today's title is "short lived happiness".

ok. first of all, my father went to the doctor's today about the 14 inch tumor in his leg. well, there's more than a slight chance that it may be cancerous. they are doing a biopsy on it friday and should have the results by tuesday.

then, my sister and her fiance have bought a $100 kitten. she has trouble with fish. enough said.

finally, my mother's car was taken out by a deer on her way home from work today. it's quite a bit mussed up on the passenger side. she is all right, but there's going to be thousands of dollars of repair needing to be done. right now we are waiting for the police to show up and do a report on it.

so, i am currently watching mortal combat II and having my mother tell me why i have no life/friends/boyfriend. tons of fun here. but...i still think things will work out. i hope so.

"well, i've been in town for just now about fifteen minutes now, and baby, i feel down, and i don't know why...i just keep walkin for miles..."

-the strokes



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